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  • How difficult are your hiking adventures?
    We have hiking / adventure destinations ranging from easy-moderate to very strenuous. Each product includes information pertaining to its specific difficulty level.
  • Do you provide team building events?
    Yes, please contact us to discuss options. These events are customized to each client's specific needs.
  • Do you have a merch store or sell souvenirs?
    Yes, we recently added a merch store and are adding more items. Please checkout our merch shop
  • Do you offer private tours?
    Yes, please contact us for more information.
  • Is a Wilderness First Aid Medic present on each hike?
    Yes! All of our guides are required to maintain current certification in First Aid, CPR + AED. Additionally, at least one guide in every group maintains additional training and certification as a Wilderness First Aid medic. Each guide carries a first aid kit. Our WFA medic carries the largest, best equipped first aid kit in our group.
  • What's included with your hiking adventure packages?
    We strive to take care of the details so you may relax and enjoy your day. All of our tour packages include... Lite snacks, bottled water, and lunch Professional Guides Certified Wilderness First Aid Medic with well equipped first aid kit Park fees Admission to any ticketed attractions / vendue we visit as part of the package Emergency rain ponchos Loaner trekking poles Loaner backpacks FUN… EXCITEMENT…MEMORIES!!
  • What does 1st Authorized by TDEC mean?
    This is a very important designation and legal requirement. It means our company was carefully vetted by TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation). Following this vetting process, we were awarded Commercial Use Authorization within specified Tennessee State Parks. Just IN Time Adventures, LLC was the first hiking guide company to receive this authorization in Nashville. Currently, we are the only hiking guide company operating in the greater Nashville market with this required authorization. TDEC vetting insures: - our hiking routes are in compliance with trail management and conservation initiatives - we have appropriate operations and emergency action plans in place (this is for your added safety) - we are insured, licensed, trained, etc. - we have appropriate safety gear and know how to use it
  • What should I bring?
    Although we strive to be a full-service provider - we welcome you to bring additional items for your personal preferences / comfort. Sturdy, closed toe shoes are required Please wear appropriate clothing for the season and location(s) Any personal food items and/or non-alcoholic beverages Sunscreen Hats Optional gratuities
  • Why does your lead guide insist on being in front of the group?
    Our lead guide generally positions themselves at the front in order to spot and point out potential hazards along the trail and to highlight various geologic & historic facts. Sometimes we have two guides per group. In these cases the second guide generally positions themselves at the rear of the group - as our "caboose". They help ensure the group stays together.
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